Friday, September 24, 2010

MY Unexpected Erotica Debut

I started this blog to provide a forum for information and opinions regarding anything and everything sexual.

I never expected that anything I would write, other than my musings, would make it into these posts but I was wrong – thanks to the famous erotic author Alison Tyler. Among her multitude of accomplishments (award winning books, etc.) she also has an equally award-winning blog.

Recently, she held a “Flash Fuck Me Fiction” contest, allowing any adult with an interest to enter, provided their erotica entry didn’t exceed 100 words. Well, she ended up with numerous entrants, including one from me, representing my first publicly presented work of original erotic fiction.

But the most amazing? She didn’t pick one winner, she decided instead to feature EACH ENTRY on her blog, along with a matching photograph just like a real story! That is absolutely mindblowing, and more generous than I can say. It is beyond rare for an established, successfully famous author to allow non-pros this type of opportunity. Trust me, it just doesn’t happen.

Here’s what Alison posted in her own words:

“First off, I have to say, "wow." No, wait. I mean, "Wow." Hell, that's not right either. WOW. Yeah. That's more like it.

Your 100-word flashers rocked my world. I'll repeat myself here, or rephrase myself, but writers who can manipulate short fiction blow my mind. I've been captivated by the concept for longer than I care to admit. (But I think, if you cut me open and counted my rings, there would be this spot two decades ago, that would indicate an early love for flashers.)

Anyway, what do I want to do with your words? I want to fuck them so bad. Will you let me? If I feed them dinner first? Bite by tiny bite? What if take them to a movie show? No, wait. I want to highlight them right here on the blog, one flasher at a time. And I want to match these sexy scenarios with gorgeous succulent do me pictures by Riendo. A gallery in motion. Words and pictures. I always wanted to do a curator.

I mean, be one.

So over the next few weeks, I will be putting up photos and flashers. I had thought to do a poll—but there are so many entries. I'm kind of gobsmacked. And some of the pieces don't have titles—I think it would get too complicated. I don't know about you? But complicated is not where I want to go right now.

I have prizes for *all* of the entrants—if you drop me your snail mail address and let me know which flasher you wrote, I will mail you a copy of one of my short-short collections. If you wrote more than one, no worries. I'll send you more than one book. And I'll also "talk" with you about the book I'm working on, and how you could be involved.



As a result, my little erotic adventure debuted today on her blog. Read it below, or directly at...I still can’t believe I’m saying Alison Tyler’s blog! (While you’re there, be sure to read the other Flash Fuck Me Fiction, and the other erotica that’s posted at her main blog page.)

by The Curator

I’m not pretty, but it doesn’t matter because I smell like sex. It’s rush-hour Monday. I wedge into the most crowded subway car I can find. I choose carefully, forcing my barely concealed tits hard against the chest of a wall-streeter wearing a light colored, expensive suit. I meet his already smoldering eyes. Silently, I thrust my hips into his instantly hard cock and grind. The train jerks and so does he. I jump off, glancing back to see his shocked face and the dark wetness spreading across the front of his sharply-creased pants.


Thank’s again, Alison, and thanks also to Riendo for the great Subway photo.

You have always been a favorite author Alison, but now I know you are so much more: You are a kind, and generous woman. I remain profoundly grateful.

Be sure and check out all of her books including her current bestseller Alison's Wonderland. I promise that they will titillate all of the senses. And, don’t forget to check out her great website, which is a completely fab world in and of itself!

— The Curator

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