Friday, September 9, 2011

The Smack-Down With Mr. Wolf, Part I: The Retreat

As regular readers of this blog know, I’ve been struggling with worsening lupus for many years now.

Because the illness feels so very alive to me, as if it has an actual personality, I have referred to it throughout as “Mr. Wolf,” chosen because lupus is the Latin word for wolf.

I am sorry to say that my constant furry nemesis has gained an upper paw of late. As a result, I am taking a hiatus from penning this blog until I am again well enough to do the topics covered here the justice that they deserve.

As a sex-positive, bisexual woman, I believe that having a gloriously frequent, confident sexuality with a consenting partner of your choice (or being self-sexual) is vital in maintaining personal health – and even your very humanity.

It is also way beyond time that this country participates in a continuing frank and honest dialog about sex and relationships for the health of our children, and to promote a global/cultural understanding so that sex and gender issues no longer lead to hate, bigotry, bullying and too often to violence.

Those were the underlying goals that prompted me to begin this blog. Those goals continue to drive me, so I will remain very active on Twitter, re-tweeting news and commenting about these issues in a timely, and I hope, interesting and even challenging manner. I have found that penning 140 characters is much easier for me right now than writing and researching detailed posts required to put this blog together.

So, until Mr. Wolf gets sick of me instead of me being sick from him and I can resume this blog, please follow me on Twitter. Please do tell me what’s on your mind — and who’s in your bed and what you’re doing!

I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support throughout my battle with Mr. Wolf. I hope that I will be able to rejoin you here in this space soon. In point of fact, that is why I have called this post Part I: The Retreat, because when I am able to resume writing this blog that I love so much, the title will be Part II: The Return!

Happy living and loving, to all. Cheers.

— The Curator


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