Monday, April 26, 2010

Men Take Note: Premature NO Longer!

Men who ejaculate before their partners may be able to avoid the embarrassing situation thanks to a new but very pricey drug called Priligy that will be LAUNCHED tomorrow in the U.K.

The tablet, which prevents untimely ejaculation is ready to hit markets in Britain with the potency to do as much for men's sexual strength as Viagra.

It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of British males suffer from premature ejaculation.

Priligy is already being sold in some European markets. There is no news regarding whether the drug will be COMING to the U.S., or other North American markets.

In clinical trials, Priligy prevented premature ejaculation. Reportedly, taking one tablet one, to three hours before sex helped men hold erections three times as long during sex – as much as three hours – and the effect lasted for 24 hours.

The pill can be taken by men 18 to 64 years old, according to the manufacture.

Priligy, which comes in 30 and 60 mg tablets, could even be more popular than the anti-impotency drug Viagra, which has been in the market for over 10 years.

Priligy costs a whopping $117 (£76) for a pack of three 30mg tablets.

Priligy contains the active ingredient dapoxetine, which regulates serotonin levels in the brain. This allows men to have greater control over sexual functioning, delaying the point of climax and enabling them to maintain erections longer.

Described by experts as a “fast acting SSRI” or a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, it is part of a group of medications used to treat anxiety and depression. As a result, doctors advise against using it if they are already undergoing any form of treatment for these conditions.

Possible side effects include dizziness and headaches. Nonetheless, Priligy must be taken with caution in certain circumstances. It isn't to be taken with alcohol, as this can worsen the potential side effects as well as lessen the effectiveness of the pill.

Experts are already predicting a huge increase in the demand for Priligy, as premature ejaculation is a remarkably common condition, affecting one in three men. Various factors can cause it; sometimes mental issues or anxieties are to blame.

In other cases it’s believed that premature ejaculation could be down to hereditary links. Whatever the cause, the impact can be detrimental for the sufferer. It can spiral into low self-esteem and even tear relationships apart, so treating this problem early and effectively is the key.

Males can get a private prescription for Priligy only after an online discussion at Lloyds-pharmacy.

Nitin Makadia, head of male sexual health at Lloyds-pharmacy, stated, "Priligy has the potential to do as much for men's sexual health as Viagra. It will give sufferers a chance to improve the quality of their relationships and their general wellbeing."

"It has been well received by men elsewhere in Europe and we are really pleased to be bringing this treatment to the UK. Some men are understandably reluctant to discuss the problem with their GP so we are removing this barrier to treatment," Makadia added.

Half of premature ejactulation sufferers wrongly believe they can't be helped. Local anaesthetic sprays and creams are on the market to help delay the moment. Other methods to control the problem include stop-start and squeeze techniques, condom use to reduce sensitivity and counselling. All have been shown to have only limited success. Unfortunately, sprays and cream can also reduce sensitivity during sex.

Male sexual dysfunction is an important if not vital concern for suffers and should be given appropriate research and attention. Any treatment that gives men more options, with little reported side effects, deserves to be a bestseller and should also be sold in this market.

My only concern is the price, which will not be covered by insurance. All men who would safely benefit from this drug should have access to this medication regardless of their economic circumstance.

— The Curator

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